Crabtree Marriages



This site is separated into two sections:

A. The marriages in England and Wales recorded in the Index of the General Register Office from the start of civil registration in July 1837 to December 1916.

B. The marriages in England and Wales transcribed from parish registers.


When you find the match for a Crabtree spouse listed in the GRO Index, please send me an e-mail with the information so that I can add the name to the list.  You will be helping other researchers of the Crabtree surname in their ancestral quests.


I have taken as much care as possible in transcribing the information contained in the attached tables, but this is no guarantee of its accuracy and completeness.  You should therefore check the relevant source before using the information.





In the attached index, which you can access by clicking on “Links to tables” below, the Crabtree name is shown in the first column.  You will find the Registration District in which the marriage took place in the second column.  The reference numbers appear in the next two columns (the Volume # in the third column, and the Page # in the fourth).  Where it is known, the spouse’s name is shown in the fifth column.


The information, which has been extracted from the marriage indexes of the General Register Office, is Crown copyright, and is published by permission of the Controller of HMSO and the Office for National Statistics (ONS).  These records must not be copied on, transferred or reproduced without the prior permission of the ONS.


The ONS does not guarantee the accuracy and/or completeness of the indexes, which are known to be poor for the early years of civil registration.  All entries published here relate to records over 100 years old.



SECTION B – Parish Registers


These tables, which may be accessed by clicking on the links below, are currently under construction.  They contain details of Crabtree marriages transcribed from parish registers.  The earliest registers date from 1538, but few have survived from that time.  A full listing of the earliest dates of deposited registers may be found in The Phillimore Atlas & Index of Parish Registers, 3rd Edition, edited by Cecil R. Humphery-Smith.  Through water damage or neglect, some pages of existing registers are missing or indecipherable, and hence information from transcribed registers may not be complete.






GRO Index                                                                Parish Registers

1837-1839           1875-1879                                        First names, A-F                   

1840-1844           1880-1884                                        First names, G-Jno

1845-1849           1885-1889                                       First names, Joah-L

1850-1854          1890-1894                                        First names, M-R

1855-1859           1895-1899                                        First Names, S-Z

1860-1864           1900-1904

1865-1869          1905-1909

1870-1874          1910-1914




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